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We provide the supply of all the connection equipment necessary for the installation of the greenhouse.


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Our machine park is updated regularly by following the technological developments.


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Canser Technological Greenhouse and Mold Systems

HAS MOLDING company, which was founded by HALİL OCAKCI in 2008, has started to continue its activities by taking the name of CANSER TECHNOLOGICAL GREENHOUSE AND MOLD SYSTEMS in 2020 in order to keep up with the rapidly advancing technology.

Our company, which has given importance to its activities in the sector as HAS MOLDING since 2008, has aimed to progress with the same meticulousness in CANSER TECHNOLOGICAL GREENHOUSE AND MOLD SYSTEMS.

The aim of our company is to meet the expectations of our domestic and international customers in the best way, with a wide and advanced product range based on precision production of modern and technological greenhouse systems connection equipment.

As CANSER TECHNOLOGICAL GREENHOUSE AND MOLD SYSTEMS, we are in an effort to progress in our field by giving importance to the satisfaction of our customers in molds and molds supported by R&D CAD-CAM by making use of superior technology with our renewed system.

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